In 1984 Miran Korenika and his business partner Ignac Moškon decided to revive the winemaking tradition that was interrupted during the communist regime. Today, the family tradition is carried on with the love for the land, devotion, passion and modern approaches of the younger generation.

Certified quality

TheKorenika&Moškon winery is both organic and biodynamic certified. In 2014 it has gained the prestigious Demeter certification.



The Korenika&Moškon winery is located in Korte, a village in the heart of Slovenian Istria.

An excellent exposure to the sun, the closeness of the sea and the hillside position overlooking the Sečovlje salt pans help create our distinctive red and white wines.


The vineyard “Bankina” lies at the lowest point of the property, just a few meters above sea level.
It is located in the heart of the Sečovlje valley where light winds blow. The land extends from East to West and is planted with our oldest Malvasia that has been cultivated since 1955.

Characteristics of the vineyard
Surface: 6.25 hectares
Altitude above sea level: 10 metres